Jägermeister is a brand deeply rooted in nightlife culture. When 2020 put the entire nightlife industry on pause, the brand used its reach and network to launch SAVE THE NIGHT; a platform that supports creative professionals with funding, virtual stages, and alternative sources of income. Ode To Nightlife was developed to raise awareness for the initiative. And pay tribute to all things Nightlife has so generously given us over the years.

The film takes us on a journey through iconic nightlife moments from different decades, while the voice of hip-hop artist Akua Naru, reminds us that nightlife always played a huge part in shaping culture, fostering creativity, embracing diversity, and helping us find the parts of ourselves that are invisible in the daytime.
Case: Film, Global
Client: Jägermeister
Industry: Wine & Spirits
Role: Concept, Copywriting, Script 
Agency: la red 2021​​​​​​​

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