Amber Island is a new web3 community built around rare, collectible spirits, that offers its members access to exclusive whisky releases and unique experiences on- and offline. 
What sets them apart from the typical dram collector’s clubs is the use of physical-backed NFTs; leveraging the power of blockchain technology in order to make rare whisky collecting and trading much easier and safer.

You can check out Amber Island on Instagram, Twitter, Discord, or visit the website.

Case: Brand Launch, Web3 Community
Client: Amber Island
Industry: Digital, Spirits
Role: Content Planning, Content Strategy, Digital Copywriting
Agency: Gharage, 2022-23
The Glenturret 30 Years Old - Limited Amber Island Edition is the scarcest release in the distillery history and was sold out in 7 minutes!
I had the opportunity to work with the team during the first 6-7 months of its launch, up to the the first product drop, where the main goals was growing the online community (twitter, instagram, discord) with a mix of organic and sponsored content and expanding the newsletter database.
Some of the aspects my role included: 
Planning, researching and developing revenant content for social with a strong focus on rare whisky, web3, and physical-backed NFTs. 
Copywriting support with social media campaigns leading up to the first product drop, newsletter copy, and fine-tuning the brand’s mission.

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