In 2014 Serviceplan designed and developed a strategic and creative platform for BMW’s off-road(-ish) X Range. ​​​​​​​Conceptually, the campaign was rooted in an ever-changing version of the world, a constant state of unknown. 
Visually, it was expressed as a city that rolled on a landscape in a liquid motion, reflecting the movement of ocean waves. The waves were brought to life thanks to the amazing work of Time Based Arts that managed to create a realistic, yet non destructive, but still exciting effect, both one on a large scale but also down to the details on street level.
In collaboration with: Sebastian Strasser, Linus Sandgren, Georg von dem Bussche (PlayDis!), MPC, Time Based Arts & Radical Media​​​​​​​​​​​​​​. Photography, Emir Haveric.
​​​​​​Case: Global Launch, Integrated Campaign
Client: BMW
Industry: Automotive
Role: Concept, Copywriting, Strategy, Script, Headlines
Agency: Serviceplan, 2014
Awards: Eurobest, New York Festivals, Ciclope International Festival of Craft, Clio, Deutsche Werbefilmpreis, ADC Germany, Die Klappe  

Embrace The Unknown - The first-ever BMW X4 / TV commercial

The Wave follow-up TVC - BMW X1

BMW X4 / Print Ad

BMW X3 / Print Ad

BMW X-Range / Print Ad

X4 Behind The scenes

BMW X4 TV Commercial / Behind the scenes

Leave Your Fears Behind  

Online film

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