A performance driven partnership that breaks the norm of the sports sponsorship model. One that is focused more on character and less on muscles, or logos on jerseys.
Cloud9 is one of the largest esports organization in the world. Full-on performance-driven and extremely competitive. And while to many, esports is still not considered a real sport, the pressure of 300 million fans, billions of dollars in prizes, sponsorships and tournaments, is more than real.
Esports is the world’s fastest-growing sport and the strength required to make it to the top of this game is 100% real. Only it doesn’t necessarily comes from muscles, biceps or protein shakes.
Case: Creative Partnership, Online Film Series
Client: Cloud9, BMW USA 
Industry: eSports, Automotive
Role: Copywriting, Script
Agency: Moon To Mars, 2019

Online film 1 - Aspen

Cloud9 Facebook post 1

Cloud9 Facebook post 2

Online film 1 - Gaylen

Cloud9 Facebook post 3

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