Angeliki Karnoupaki

creative director ∘ based in 🇩🇪 made in 🇬🇷

Angeliki is a creative director and a copywriter who feels very uncomfortable talking about herself in third person but whatever, she’s giving it a shot.  She has over 10 years of experience in coming up with communication ideas for brands and companies (brand storytelling, storyselling, call it what you will). Her background in copywriting, nuclear physics—don’t ask, she will only embarrass herself, and debt-collecting (dark times) is not the most common career path, but it surely gives her another perspective on things. 

Earlier in her career (sic), she spent a few years in advertising agencies, working on global campaigns, product launches, films, and the agencies’ national sport, pitching. She has worked on a lot of automotive and mobility projects, but also NGOs, start-ups, a really cool design and innovation studio, a little bit of gaming, whiskies and NFTs, herbal liquors, and a few more things but let’s not kill all the mystery at once. 

In 2019, Angeliki spread her freelance wings and started working as an independent creative. Her German is 💩 but her English is 🤌. Her Greek is pretty 👌 too. She is based in Hamburg but she also has a valid passport and an active Duolingo subscription. Feel free to send her an email, a LinkedIn message, or some good vibes.